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05 may 2019 0 comments reading time: 4 minutes

Editor’s letter

Let me start with Minsk, as I’m in this city right now. On Friday we shot an interview with Stas Litvinov, a founder of tracking platform Affise. Stas has been involved in affiliate marketing since 2002 and has already founded around 20 affiliate companies. He is currently actively developing Affise. The platform has firmly occupied the third place in the tracker market and is outperformed only by HasOffers and Cake. I was personally astonished by the fact that there are tens of thousands of networks in this market, which means that this business is larger than it is generally assumed. There are huge local markets in India and China that have their own internal affiliate ecosystems. Lots of money can be made there. More information on this and many other topics can be found in our forthcoming interview. It will be published at the very beginning of summer.

The last week was also marked by the launch of our partnership with Gerard Della Porta and his international affiliate project MRKTHUB. Now our content will also be published on Gerard’s platforms. In our turn, we will partially cover their activities. This means a lot to us, as MRKTHUB is one of the most credible portals in the affiliate world. We are planning to shoot a full-length interview in July just before the AWE conference in Barcelona. It should be very interesting because Gerard has a cinematic vibe around him and can tell lots of exciting stories.

We also published a podcast in which we discussed WebView apps and how they can be used to drive traffic from Facebook to gambling offers. It was super informative and useful. I have never seen so many likes before. Be sure to listen to it, as this podcast is dedicated to one of the most promising areas in the industry.

As regards our articles, we published a noteworthy case on push notification campaigns. Our in-house team has made a couple of thousand dollars working with push notifications and also gathered some interesting data on which pricing model is better for buying out push notifications, CPM or CPC.

A few words about our affiliate team. We write only what we know and check all the cases ourselves. When we are holding a workshop or preparing training materials, it is done by our experts and not by someone from the third side. In my opinion, it’s very important, as we can guarantee the highest quality of everything we do. Our media is done by affiliates for affiliates and is fully independent in its work. I wouldn’t have been an editor-in-chief in other circumstances.

That’s it for today. Next week we will shoot another interview in Minsk and then return to Saint Petersburg. A lot of interesting stuff is coming in for all of us.

See you soon!

Alexis Zorba

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