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KJ Rocker. How affiliate marketing can help you get out of poverty

This time we met with an affiliate with extraordianry story — KJ Rocker. “What’s so interesing there,” you may ask. We don’t want to spoil the story, so check it out for yourself! 19 september 2019 0
reading time: 1 minute

Creating a Template for Ad Campaign Import into Facebook

Our today’s article deals with automated ad campaign import into AdsManager through a token. This manual has been shared with us by an affiliate marketing expert who has demonstrated how to reduce the time spent on working with ad campaigns. 11 february 2020 0

Editor’s letter

The editor-in-chief is reporting on the last week’s most interesting and important events and summarizing the week’s key content. 06.05-11.05. 13 may 2019 0
reading time: 4 minutes

Facebook rolls out new tool “Off-Facebook Activity”

Facebook has rolled out the Off-Facebook Activity setting, a new tool that enables users to view all their data that third-party websites and apps have sent Facebook through Facebook pixel. 21 august 2019 1
reading time: 2 minutes

CPAMATICA inside out. CEO tells how an affiliate network works

CPAmatica is an international Affiliate Network from Kiev. Every year, the company is growing twice or even thrice its own size, covering more and more ground on advertising offers. We met with their CEO Evgeny Prima to take a look on how the network looks from the inside, and to get an idea on how […] 22 october 2018 0

Facebook updates its Business and Ads Managers

On Tuesday, July 30, Facebook rolled out a big update to its Business and Ads Managers. Take a look at the new interface and find out about the new features in Business Manager. 31 july 2019 0
reading time: 1 minute
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