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CPA terms

CPA terms: CPC, CPM, EPC, CR, CPL, CPO in affiliate marketing made simple

In this article, you’ll learn what affiliate terms CPC, CPM, EPC, CR, CPL, CPO mean and how different they are from each other. 22 may 2019 0
reading time: 12 minutes

Driving traffic to adult games

This article deals with driving traffic to adult gaming. What are those games? Where can you find adult gaming offers? What stages does the conversion funnel involve? You will find answers to these and some other questions in the article below. 15 july 2019 0
reading time: 5 minutes

Case Study: How I Made Over $1000 on Dating Offers with Push Traffic

The crucial thing when using any upcoming ad format is hopping on the trend when it's on the upswing. I had ample opportunity to start running push traffic when it was trending. Back then, however, I was more interested in crypto trading, much to my own detriment. So, I first started running push traffic in late 2019 when the push notification trend was on the decline. However, it turned out that push traffic campaigns could be lucrative even then. 14 august 2020 0

Case Study: How to Make $443.85 Promoting Dating Offers on Google Ads

Promoting dating offers is always a good idea. But it is not that easy to advertise such offers, since the topic itself is perceived as controversial. However, it is possible and realistic to have a profit from promoting dating on Google Ads, and this case study shows how you can achieve it. 15 february 2021 0

Zalo, a Vietnamese Telegram where you can launch your ads

A lot of affiliates complain that it has become increasingly difficult to work with Vietnam to the point that it is almost impossible to run profitable campaigns. I have internal expertise in this area (the author of this article runs a media buying team located in Vietnam) and I can communicate with Vietnamese webmasters directly, and so I can say with full certainty that the traffic quality provided by many affiliates has decreased considerably. 27 january 2020 1
reading time: 7 минут

Best countries for registering an affiliate company

When your company is scaling up, you will sooner or later have to decide where to register your enterprise. We talked to an offshore business expert and compiled a list of the best countries for incorporating an affiliate business. 16 august 2019 0
reading time: 5 minutes
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