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Guide to targeted ads on Spotify

Ad formats on Spotify Ads, targeting settings, creating, and running ads. Spotify, the streaming platform, was launched in Russia and few more geos on July 15, 2020. The platform has a lot to offer to its users in terms of content. For advertisers, in their turn — it's a new way of attracting customers. 28 july 2020 0

Comprehensive guide on keyword match types in Google Ads

CTR of and ad mostly depends on its relevance to search requests. Keywords with different types of match are used to increase the relevance of campaign. Read on to get better acquainted with Google Ads match types and how and when you should apply them. 22 july 2020 0

3 Ways to Drive Organic App Installs

Affiliate wisdom has it that there's nothing better than organic traffic to get more users and boost your app retention rates. Indeed, no matter where you launch your ads and buy ad inventory from, organic traffic is the most effective source of app installs both in terms of conversion rate and user activity. 15 july 2020 0

A Not-So-New Way to Recognize and Track Users Without Cookies

Now, cookie technology is gradually being phased out by browsers and governments alike. However, marketers still need to carve out a way to identify individual users and track website visitors' data. Today, we are going to break down one method of user recognition without using cookies. So, let's get started. 09 july 2020 0

Top 6 Free (Or Freemium) Keyword Research Tools

We have compiled a list of keyword research tools that are easy to use and can provide marketing experts with valuable data to boost their performance. The best part is you don’t have to pay to access this information. So, let’s get to it straight away. 03 july 2020 0

19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

Facebook's ad algorithm is notoriously unpredictable and not always correct. However, there are some factors that can help you improve Facebook's ad relevancy score and the general rating of your ad account. Of course, not all of these tricks will produce the desired result if you advertise, say, a gambling product, but a lot of them will prove to be useful for warming up your account. 29 june 2020 0
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