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VR Porn for affiliates 101

Today we are going to discuss one very adult-related topic: VR porn and how affiliates can make money on it. Porn sites with VR porn, affiliate programs and where to find traffic for such offers. 24 august 2019 0 comments

Andrew Payne. Six-figure profits with your own push database

We’ve met with Andrew Payne, aka MRPAYNE, an affiliate well-known on the STM forum and the author of the AffiliateSuccess blog, to discuss ways of creating, expanding and monetizing your own pus database as well as affiliate community in Europe and the US. 23 august 2019 0 comments reading time: 6 minutes

A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

After publishing an article about Amazon FBA, our editorial team decided to dig a little deeper and find more information about E-commerce, and so we asked our correspondent to carry out a research to gather more information about E-commerce. Here’s what we’ve gathered by searching the internet. 22 august 2019 0 comments reading time: 5 minutes

Facebook rolls out new tool “Off-Facebook Activity”

Facebook has rolled out the Off-Facebook Activity setting, a new tool that enables users to view all their data that third-party websites and apps have sent Facebook through Facebook pixel. 21 august 2019 0 comments reading time: 2 minutes

The Man and the traffic: testing makes perfect

Last week, the Man was driving traffic to Asia and Europe, tried using SmartLink and tested various user targeting options. What’s more, now he has a mentor who is a household name for almost all Russian-speaking affiliates working with push traffic. 20 august 2019 0 comments reading time: 10 minutes

Step-by-step guide to setting up a server pixel on Facebook

Affiliates working with Facebook use pixels to track conversions, user behavior and other important metrics. However, when your ad account gets banned, you can also lose all the data that the pixel has accumulated. In this article, we explain how to create and set up a pixel that is immune to bans. 19 august 2019 0 comments reading time: 5 minutes