A forum worth £1 000 000. AffiliateFix ex-owner, on the affiliate community

AffiliateFix founder told us how this platform with an audience of more than 100,000 affiliates was established and how it turned from a small forum into a major company that was subsequently sold and made Oliver a millionaire. 17 may 0comments reading time:7 minutes

Good to great: affiliate networks inside out!

Amsterdam is an ideal environment for us to try to figure out what allows certain networks to stay in the game while others disappear from the scene, how to run a sustainable business and what enables a good network to become a great one. We talked to Jeroen Rozemeijer, CEO at YepAds, and asked him to shed some light on the questions we raised. 29 april 0comments reading time:5 minutes

AMarkets – international forex broker

AMarkets – a leading brokerage company that has made its affiliate program the main source of new traders. We went to Podgorica to interview Alex Melkumyants, the head of the affiliate program at AMarkets, to figure out how to build productive relationships with affiliates. 24 april 0comments reading time:7 minutes

CEO at LeadGid runs a flourishing online business with a woman’s touch

Ksenia Kostina is a CEO and founder of LeadGid, Russia’s biggest financial affiliate network. Ksenia is a real professional and runs several successful businesses. In this interview, we discussed the ins and outs of running a financial affiliate network and how LeadGid generates an astonishing number of 700 000 leads a day. 16 april 0comments

First time in Amsterdam. Affiliate Summit Europe 2019 review!

ZorbasMedia attended Affiliate Summit Europe, which was held in Amsterdam on March 12-14, and has prepared a comprehensive review of the event. 29 march 0comments

Traffic Captain in da house – Personal Branding in Affiliate Marketing!

ZorbasMedia traveled to Hamburg to talk to Andy Wullmer aka Traffic Captain. Andy has been involved in affiliate marketing for 20 years already and nowadays represents Traffic Partner, a major dating conglomerate, as a CEO at SGM. Andy told us everything there is to know about the power of personal branding and how social connections can help you achieve your goals. 27 march 0comments reading time:7 minutes