10 questions to an account manager from ZorbasMedia

ZorbasMedia interviewed an Alfaleads account manager. We asked him 10 questions about his job and found out what the responsibilities of an AM are and why close interaction between an affiliate and an AM is a key to long-term and productive work. 12 july 2019 0 comments

Voluum. A tracker that 5,000 affiliates trust

This time ZorbasMedia went to Krakow to visit Voluum’s headquarters and talk to Wioleta, head of product at Voluum. We discussed the history and technology behind one of the best affiliate trackers there is and talked about the company’s philosophy, hiring policy and plans for the future. 27 june 2019 0 comments

Zeropark: Ad network with 20 billion impressions monthly

We visited Zeropark’s headquarters in Krakow and talked to Neill, Head of Account Management at Zeropark. We discussed the whole range of topics ranging from Zeropark’s history and philosophy to the company’s policy towards working with publishers and how websites are integrated into an ad network. 14 june 2019 0 comments reading time: 7 minutes

Advidi. Leading the affiliate marketing world by example. Part II

ZorbasMedia met with Advidi’s VP of Global Strategic Partners. We discussed how Advidi works in close cooperation with its affiliates and advertisers. We also talked about Advidi’s offices throughout the world and its daughter company. We also got to know why programmatic media buying is beneficial both for affiliate networks and major marketing agencies. 05 june 2019 0 comments reading time: 7 minutes

Advidi. Leading the affiliate marketing world by example

ZorbasMedia met with Petar Joseph, VP Marketing & Communications at Advidi, and discussed how the company is going to set an example of honesty and transparency, as well to drive the affiliate marketing industry forward and change it for the better. We also discussed the company’s values and heroes that work in it. 28 may 2019 0 comments reading time: 6 minutes

A forum worth £1 000 000. AffiliateFix ex-owner.

AffiliateFix founder told us how this platform with an audience of more than 100,000 affiliates was established and how it turned from a small forum into a major company that was subsequently sold and made Oliver a millionaire. 17 may 2019 0 comments reading time: 7 minutes