10 reasons why you shouldn’t run campaigns on your own

Hi, beginner affiliate! You've probably already watched a host of videos on campaign settings, read a tremendous number of cases with xxx% ROI and subscribed to various media resources, so now you think you are ready to conquer the affiliate marketing mountain on your own? 13 april 0comments reading time:7 minutes

The Ultimate MAC ‘19 Party Guide

Great parties have long become a well-established tradition of all affiliate conferences out there, and MAC ‘19 is no exception. 05 april 0comments reading time:4 minutes

SSL Certificate for Affiliates

In 2018, Chrome started marking all HTTP pages as “Not Secure”, thus forcing a lot of webmasters to move to HTTPS by obtaining SSL certificates. 04 april 0comments

3 ways of translating your landing page to any language!

Affiliates are rarely limited to 1 country in their ad campaigns, so if you want to run many different GEOs you have to have a smooth translation process in place. Today’s article is all about landing translation. 30 march 0comments reading time:7 minutes

One link to rule them all, or how does Smartlink work?

In simple terms, Smartlink is a set of offers (sometimes hundreds of them) wrapped in one link. 26 march 0comments reading time:8 minutes

How to pass dynamic parameters on a landing page!

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to describe in detail how to pass dynamic parameters (device model, IP address, current date, etc.) on your landing. 25 march 0comments reading time:8 minutes