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2020 Case Study: $40,000 Revenue, Valentine’s Day Offer — Campaign Structure Breakdown
8 April 2020

One of the best things I learned from one of my mentors was to know all the levers I could pull to get to a goal and how to use them — this one accounted for 75% of our revenue last month and hitting double our set revenue goal.

For some reason I see a lot of marketers (myself included most the time) not utilizing all the holidays and just focusing on the major ones (BFCM/Christmas).

If we wouldn’t have created this Valentine’s campaign we would have made $30k less last month. 

This is a new account that we’re scaling — last month we hit $10k revenue, this month the goal was $20k (hit almost $40k).

What really surprised us was how well it did even on cold traffic.

We usually 2x ROAS on cold so we knew we would be safe pushing these holiday ads to cold but looking back I wish we would have scaled them faster.

A 9X ROAS on COLD traffic (and yes we do all the excludes so it’s as close to cold as possible). 

Because I like to provide value and have got a ton from this community I’ll give every detail I can think of for you to copy and implement.

This is OBV not the only way to set up campaigns, it may not work for you, there are a TON of variables in the overall profitability of ads and campaigns — just how we did it that produced the following results.

Campaign Structure:

All 4 were CBOs (ready for CBOpocolypse if it ever comes).

Cold Campaigns had 5-7 ad sets of interests (LLAs with page engagers, purchasers, website visitors, video views, IG engagers excluded. Auto placements, 4 ads per ad set (1 copy/4 images — same for all ad sets — social stacked)).

Warm Campaigns had 8 interests (5/10/25/All website visitors, Page engagers, IG engagers, VV 50%, Buyer Intent Visitors (ATC, IC, API) with purchasers excluded. Auto placements, 4 ads per ad set (1 copy — 4 images —  dif than cold ads — social stacked)).


Something that is underplayed in media buying is COPYWRITING.

I think something that helped us significantly is using copywriting to connect the emotions this holiday brings (Valentine’s Day = Love) with what we were selling (Pet Niche = People Love Their Pets).

The copy was super simple:

VALENTINE’S OFFER — Charm your sweetheart with a free (x) with purchase of (x).

Our (x) does (benefit), (benefit), and is trusted by (social proof/authority).

Stop (pain) by getting (x) today.


The 4 Images were all of the product and Valentine’s themed — pinks/reds/hearts/etc.

Didn’t even have time to get videos made but will be testing them our next holiday campaign.

Hope this helps, make sure to disinfect your keyboard daily, and drop any questions below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Author: Kevin Pierce

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