The case of a successful partner: $3,056 of net profit!

3 April 2023
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In this case study, we’ll consider the case of a successful partner who generated $3,056 of net profit with the “Agent” affiliate program, which allows partners to earn commissions from the trading turnover of the attracted clients.

Partner’s approach

The partner launched several campaigns to backtest them in different languages, compare their performance and choose the most effective one. Within a month, he placed paid articles on niche websites. Low competition and entry threshold allowed the partner to launch an advertising campaign on the Bing Ads platform.

The partner used Upwork to find freelance translators to create content in the chosen languages. They translated the advertisements and articles, and the partner posted these materials on third-party niche sites.

The partner focused on mobile trading. So, after the initial warm-up through marketing articles on niche sites, all the traffic was driven to the landing page dedicated to AMarkets’ trading app.

The first tests showed that advertising campaigns in Turkish and Farsi performed best. The partner chose these two languages, but he didn’t concentrate on specific countries but rather on trading and investing websites in these languages.

Partner’s results

In 3 months, the partner attracted 777 leads and 71 clients. About 300 leads came from other locales, but they weren’t converted. The final conversion rate of leads who speak Turkish or Farsi was about 15%, which is a decent result.

The case of a successful partner: $3,056 of net profit!

At the time of writing, 63 clients were activated – i.e., they funded their accounts and started trading and generating income for the partner.

Clients funded their trading accounts for a total of $113,021 and withdrew $40,472, which brings the total net deposit involved in trading to $72,549. Clients generated about 900 lots of trading turnover, which allowed the partner to earn $4,926, or about 7% of the funds involved in trading.

CFD instruments accounted for approximately 30% of the trading turnover. The partner’s remuneration rate was upgraded to “GOLD” because his clients generated more than 100 lots of trading turnover in a calendar month, and he received $2,5 per lot from the attracted clients’ trading turnover.

From trading Forex instruments, the partner received an average of $6 per lot, as the attracted clients mostly traded on Standard ($7.5 per lot) and ECN ($2.5 per lot) accounts.

It’s worth noting that “Gold” is not the highest remuneration rate: when the total trading turnover reaches 300 lots per month, the partner will be granted the Platinum rate, which will increase his income by another 20%.

The case of a successful partner: $3,056 of net profit!

The partner earned $4,926 in affiliate rewards, of which he spent:

  • about $800 on freelance services and advertising campaigns,
  • $1,070 on affiliate rebates to clients’ accounts as part of his marketing campaign aimed at attracting more clients and encouraging them to trade more.

It is important to note that the partner hasn’t incurred any additional expenses.


His net income was $3,056, and ROI – 282%. It’s a decent result, but the partner didn’t rest on his laurels and decided to scale his affiliate business even further by continuing his partnership with AMarkets.


The partner prefers to withdraw his commission to the USDt wallet. For withdrawals of $500 or greater four times a month, AMarkets reimburses him for all the transaction fees.


This case is just one of many examples of successful cooperation with the AMarkets online broker. Follow the link to learn how to get a direct offer from the company and make your affiliate business even more profitable.

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