SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives’ Impressions

30 November 2022
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Hi, this is 1win Partners 🚀

Just recently our team returned from sunny Malta, where we attended one of the biggest iGaming conferences in Europe. Four days of networking, various events, contacts, and ideas exchange definitely helped to change our minds in a creative way 😉

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

But let’s go one step at a time. It took a long time for each of our representatives to get to this fabulous island. It was not without transfers (sometimes even triple) and sleepless nights. But in spite of this, we met the first day of SiGMA Europe Malta with dignity at our stand, pleased our partners with the merch everyone wants, and told specialists from all over the world about our product 🌍  


Katerina, Senior Affiliate Manager

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

It’s always a pleasure to hug affiliates and close people from the industry personally, but to do it in sunny Malta is much better 😊

Thanks, SiGMA,  for the opportunity to network for 3 days from morning till late night with the best people in the field. The number of relevant contacts I met was so high that I had to take some time off from work and get connected to all of them for setups and close cooperation)

The level of the conference impressed me most of all. This is definitely the largest event I attended in my career in our industry) Two pavilions and 30k participants.

I am looking forward to the next SiGMA and I know we will see each other again 💙

The conference was as productive as possible. The 1win Partners team met a lot of interesting people, talked to game providers, and discussed profitable payment solutions. But the most important thing for our affiliate program is of course meeting new affiliates. We already integrate them into our product with confidence in the result. Also, we were really glad to communicate with experienced affiliates who have become good friends for our Affiliate-managers during the time of cooperation.

For some members of our team, the SiGMA Europe Malta was the first event of its kind. Of course, there was both excitement because colleagues didn’t know what to expect and delight with the level of the event, useful solutions, and intercultural communication 🤝🏻


Tanya, Affiliate Manager

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

The SiGMA conference in Malta was incredibly cool. I’m very happy that the first conference I went to was in Malta! 🔥

I’ll never forget the first day at the booth when my hands were even shaking a little bit 😅 But after the first conversations I realized that all the people who came to the conference were very friendly and interested in productive cooperation!

Also, the trip to an international conference forced me to improve my English. If on the first day of the conference I could only say hello and answer elementary questions, then on the last day, thanks to constant practice, I was able to communicate in English with an affiliate and agree on cooperation! 😏

So it was an incredible experience that helped me to dive into a professional topic and get a feel for that cool working conference vibe!

Also, we’ve already written that people are the most important for 1win Partners. Some representatives were already familiar with each other, while others met for the first time. Nevertheless, no one had any doubts that the team came with the right members and became a family.

In the case of large companies like 1win, conferences are an opportunity not only to meet representatives of other teams but also to get to know colleagues from other countries. We already have 6 offices around the world 🤩


Polina, Affiliate Manager

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

This was my first conference and of such a high level! It’s a great honor to represent the company on this level and to communicate with so many experienced professionals in our field. I can say that I understood what stressful situations are and how to adapt to them.

The most physically and mentally difficult was the first day of the conference, it was both funny and scary. We were in a rush to have time to communicate, gather contacts, and so on 😱.

It was also pretty funny to switch, in a moment, from one language to another (English, Ukrainian, and Russian). And when communicating, let’s say, in Russian, English phrases or answers would slip through. With other languages, it was the same, and it was very funny 😂

It so happened that we were a very small group there, and maybe that’s what created such a warm and family atmosphere that each of us would support each other and help each other. That is incredibly valuable. I am sure that the guests felt this vibe too and that is why they were coming back to our booth again and again 😊

The whole trip and the conference gave me an incredible experience, a boost to growth, and a lot of things that will be useful in the future. The most rewarding feeling is when you are in a place like this and feel like you are a part of something bigger 🥰

To SiGMA participants who came to the 1win stand, our team handed out our quality merch: key chains, stylish iPhone cases, and coasters, teddy bears in T-shirts with the 1win logo, notepads, pens, shopper bags, socks, T-shirts and shirts. Basically, everything that can be useful for people working in the iGaming field😏

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

Of course, our team knew that 1win merch was in huge demand, but we had no idea it was this much. “I was told that you have the most stylish key chains”, “Are there more of those cool cases left?”, “And I came for your socks for my girlfriend”, — and many more other compliments that 1win Partners representatives heard during these four days.


Sergey, Project Director 

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

I am impressed by the level of the event with a whole range of emotions and impressions, as well as the approach of the organizers and each brand. There were no random exhibitors or those who were out of the general vibe at the show. 

Three days of meetings, new acquaintances, and booth activities flew by like three hours. Also, we were pleased with the entertainment program by the organizers and brands which created the proper atmosphere for communication. From a professional point of view, we were impressed by some brands that tried to do something new and different from what we used to see. Without compromising on imagination, exhibitors used three-dimensional sets, media screens, and interactive solutions 🎰

We opted for a minimalistic and organic booth to suit the purpose of our participation. Everyone could see their reflection in the colors of our brand, get cool merch and chat with managers in a pleasant booth environment.

Our team loved the atmosphere, the dynamics, and the audience at the conference and we plan to continue participating, surprising and delighting guests in our style. 

The representatives of 1win Partners liked Malta very much, so at the end of the conference, we went to explore this mysterious country. We visited some cities, got surprised at how small they are, and enjoyed the local sights, architecture, and sea 🌊


Daria, Marketing Manager

SiGMA Europe Malta 🌴 1win Partners Representatives' Impressions

It was great to fly from winter to summer and visit one of the biggest conferences in Europe and meet so many interesting people.

What a variety of people stopped by our stand during those three days: service providers, representatives of different payment systems, competitors, and of course our partners. It was interesting to have a conversation with each of them, communicate in foreign languages and mix up words because switching from one language to another is not an easy thing to do 😅

The first day of the conference was the most fruitful, and you couldn’t get away from the booth for a minute. Even a line of people interested in our product was forming. A lot of people said that they found out about us through social networks, which I as a Marketing Manager especially liked 🥰

Also, we talked to our slots prodiders. It was nice to get acquainted with Spribe representatives, meet beautiful girls from Endorphina again, listen to the music at the BGaming booth, and exchange gifts with everyone.

But perhaps the best moment of the conference was a meeting with the colleagues after a long separation. We walked around Malta, tasted Mediterranean cuisine, and enjoyed the opportunity to walk around without a coat, which is so necessary for the cold autumn.

In general, the SiGMA Europe Malta conference will be long remembered by our representatives for its level, unique experience, and warm climate. We’re already starting to introduce interesting solutions, connect new partners and… prepare for the next event 😏

Keep an eye on our social networks, so you won’t miss anything. Very soon, we will tell you where you can meet the 1win Partners team in the near future 💙



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