IPL 2023 🏏 with 1win Partners ➡️ Outstanding profits on event traffic

3 April 2023
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The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is long gone, and other famous football championships of the year are only gathering pace. By early April 2023, the hosts had managed to hold many high-profile sporting events: Australian Open (tennis), powerful UFC 284 (MMA) event and even the Super Bowl LVII (NFL). Other super-popular North American leagues have shut their trade deadlines, but the playoffs are far from over. So what should sports fans and, most importantly, fans of profitable earnings on event betting do? 🔥

Obviously, start working with gambling study cricket! 

IPL 2023 🏏 with 1win Partners ➡️ Outstanding profits on event traffic

In the 21st century, cricket is one of the top five most popular sports by viewership.With an annual audience of 2.5 billion (!) people, only football has a bigger one. Most of the fans of the game reside in India 🇮🇳 By the way, it’s the most population-dense country on our planet (>1.4 billion people in total). In the world of Affiliate Marketing such figures look too tempting to pass by 🚶

Those who know at least a little bit about India as a GEO will confirm, the most important Cricket tournament is the Indian Premier League or IPL, considered legendary amongst prominent marketeers in betting. Here you will find an unmatched audience and wagering outreach, great excitement and the very opportunity to earn a lot on event betting. Today we’ll tell you everything about the IPL 🧨

IPL 2023 begins on March 31st. Although the tournament is relatively long (Finals are scheduled for May 28), you should start your preparations in advance. After all, the deeper you can immerse yourself in a sport you’re not most familiar with, the easier it will be to work with your target audience. So we’ll start with the basics. 

What questions does this article answer?

  • What is cricket (at least visually)? 
  • Why is the IPL season 2023 one of the most important in the history of the league?
  • How can 1win help you make money on cricket?
  • Which approach shows the best convert? 
  • How to reach the maximum profit?

In short, we have prepared for you a quick rundown on IPL 2023. To not only would you want to work with India, but would also know why you have to do it ✌🏻

🏏Cricket: History and Rules

Cricket was invented in southern England, around the XVI century. Toward the end of the XVIII century, the game was already considered a national sport. Great Britain at that time was pursuing colonial expansion, which allowed cricket to “spread” to all corners of the giant Empire. India turned out to be a place where cricket caught on particularly well

Like any truly English game for gentlemen, cricket has many features and intricacies. But we won’t focus on them too much 😂 We doubt you’re really going to watch it. There are only a few key terms to be remembered (you may easily encounter them in the future). For illustrative purposes, we will highlight them in bold.

Cricket is played on a round, grassy field of elongated shape, called pitch. In the middle of it is a rectangular strip of land (20m long, 3m wide). On both sides of this strip are two wooden wickets. Playing areas at the ends of the strip (creases) are separated by a special marking. The picture makes it much clearer 👇🏻

IPL 2023 🏏 with 1win Partners ➡️ Outstanding profits on event traffic

The goal of the game for the fielders is to catch the ball that bounces off the hitting batsman so he does not earn another run for his team. Right behind the batsman you can see the wicket-keeper who will make an interception if the batsman does not hit the ball. The rest of the players are distributed across the field to maximize their chance to catch the deflected ball. Where to put each player is decided by the captain.

A batsman can strike the ball offensively or defensively. As soon as he hits the ball, he rushes to get another run (at this moment you’ll see the maximum similarity with baseball). If he knocks the ball out of bounds, then the team earns 6 runs (home run equivalent); if the ball touches the ground, then just 4 runs. The order of batsmen is also chosen by the captain.

Parts of the game are called innings. In each innings, one of the teams is bowling, the other one is batting. Then they change. First 10 players from one team, then 10 from the other. The scariest thing is there is a multi-day match format. Full game of two innings may take 5(!) days. Whoever ends up with more runs at the end wins. If no winner has been revealed in 5 days, then the Indian gentlemen shake hands and agree on a draw.

So, yeah. Probably, football looks just as mysterious for some people in India 🫣

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for you to become an expert in cricket in one day. But it is much easier to evaluate the importance of the Indian Premier-League in the world of Affiliate Marketing. Particularly if you know how significant the coming season is going to be 🎯

❓ Why will the new IPL season get the most attention?

If you look at India more on a global level — it’s a top tier-3 GEO for gambling, which delivers great results all year round. But even good profits can be turned excellent: when there is such potential through event betting. 

Any working themes across event betting have one similarity: the marketeer selects a very popular sporting event, analyzes the demands of his target audience, prepares his project and implements the ideas. “Catching the wave” of viewer and betting interest is not that hard (especially when you’re talking about millions of excited fans), but it involves your full understanding of the objectives and the emphasis on accomplishing them. For example, FIFA World Cup and obvious creatives with Messi is one thing, but cricket is a whole different thing.

Cricket [and in particular IPL] has two sides — a difficult perception of the game for Westerner viewers & seemingly simple logic of operation — but neither of them reflect reality 🧐

IPL 2023 🏏 with 1win Partners ➡️ Outstanding profits on event traffic

IPL is always portrayed as a fail-safe source of revenue from Affiliate Marketing. If you’ll look at the IPL world through rose-colored glasses (remembering Virat Kohli’s subscriber count  👆🏻) it will start to feel like you’re working with incredible numbers, and the profits are almost in your hands. But last year’s statistics make it clear that in order to work with a larger target audience you should have the ability to keep up with change in conditions and adjust to the present-day trends.

In the precovid days, the IPL TV-audience was showing consistent year-over-year growth. But in 2021, amid pandemic and social distancing, the league’s TV ratings skyrocketed. Fans were forced to stay home and do nothing for a long time, so they took full advantage of the opportunity to watch their favorite teams play. There were a lot of new records.From colossal online audience numbers to tons of bets made all over India 💸

But in two years a lot has changed. As 2022 approached, thousands of spectators returned to the stadiums. And so, after the blazing statistics of 2021 viewings, the entire IFL ’22 season turned out to be turbulent and transitional. There were several key reasons for this:

  • Simply too much cricket. Yes, that happens. The ’21 season ended only in October (’cause of the same covid-19), but the next season already started in March. Some cricket fans have become bored with it and viewership figures have dropped;
  • Distribution of the best players across all teams. Two new franchises in the league (8 teams became 10) influenced the whole league and the average level of the teams decreased.Plus, the more games there are, the more “diluted” the interest of the viewing fans;
  • Problems among popular clubs, lack of league stars. Star players like Chris Gayle, Suresh Raina and Ab de Villiers did not compete in the season. And the much-loved Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings did not live up to expectations and performed very mediocrely. Fewer favorites or lack of successes means less interest from fans.

The 2023 season will have to address these questions. Let’s not forget that the post-covid slump in interest has forced some of India’s best marketing strategists to work as hard as they can to promote IPL in 2023. That’s confirmed by the fresh signing of more than $6.1 Billion worth of TV contracts! The broadcasts are going to be upgraded to a new level: IPL games will be shown in 4K for the first time. Subscribers also will be able to switch the camera view, the commentary language, and monitor the graphics during live matches. It’s just like the leaders of the sports industry, the NBA. Fans are aware of this and can’t wait for the first games — speculation on all sorts of topics flooded the social media one month before the start of the competition.

Fans waited a whole year (and that’s a plus), got a technical upgrade, they are better prepared for the new 10-team format and are waiting for the accomplishments of old favorites and new heroes of their beloved sport. And to keep their excitement throughout the tournament, fans will definitely be eager to make some bets. That’s where you have to step in their path!

🧲 Why IPL 2023 with 1win is your opportunity for breakthrough profits

So, you’re prepared for high-quality and efficient work. You are looking at a remarkable GEO with a low entry threshold, a large targeted audience, and one of the most-watched sport leagues in the world. Besides, you read this article just in time — the IPL is about to begin. So you can’t imagine a better time to start working with India.

But to turn these terms into real profits, you require a confident and qualified partner. Someone like 1win Partners 😏

IPL 2023 🏏 with 1win Partners ➡️ Outstanding profits on event traffic

On the product 1win debugged all local payment systems and support services. Operators not only speak English, but also Hindi (a native language for half a billion people in the country). We can call this a bilingual approach, or better, the only correct one. The combination of English + Hindi is the key to successful work with players from India.

🥇 IPL 2023: The best approach + Practical Tips 

The number of matches in the IPL allows you to be prepared for literally every one of them. That is why we recommend paying attention to the capper channels in Telegram – a true classic for betting experts of Aff-Marketing. Publish quality sports predictions, offer appealing bonuses and coupons, share insights from the IPL world with your subscribers, and achieve record-breaking ROI %.

Running a cricket channel will require a certain level of expertise. Users want to see not only flat bets on the victory of certain teams, but also your immersion in what is happening —  evaluation of game episodes, experts’ opinions, statistical analysis. This is where the terminology comes in handy (haven’t you forgotten who the bowler is yet?), Awareness of the importance of the 2023 season (especially at its start) and the ability to pass information to its target audience (not only to keep reminding them to bet, but to really motivate people to earn money). The easiest but most effective way is to use the highest quality of creatives.

Visuals will help attract the attention of the players. We have some solid advice for your designer. The best images for cricket-themed images are emotional pictures of popular players in the process of the game: For example, a batsman with a rough face, ready to bat away even the most difficult ball. The picture should have a clear, meaningful message —  connection to India, cricket, and, of course, the excitement of the game. Obviously, the creatives themselves must be of high quality and unique. Don’t forget that you always can see examples of the right creative work in your personal account on our website. Or just use pre-made ones 😂

We recommend not to forget about the most popular social networks in India, Facebook and Instagram. No doubt you know how to work with these platforms, which means it’s not difficult for you to warm up your target audience correctly. We should also mention YouTube, where content created specifically for India is doing extremely well.

🙌🏻 Okay, let’s go once again

Diving into the world of IPL for the first time is not easy. How about solidifying everything you’ve just learned?

  • Cricket, the game of Indian gentlemen with innings, bats, runs, and record profits in Affiliate Marketing; the Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most in-demand cricket tournament in the world
  • Cricket is so popular in India that the two-month IPL is one of the most powerful sources of event traffic
  • There are a lot of quality changes in the IPL (teams in the league, broadcasts), so there’s extra attention from fans to the League season 2023
  • 1win, as always, is prepared for the Cricket season. India is one of our top GEOs + we have prepared two brand new IPL landing pages for players
  • Gambling TG channel is a well-tested way to make money on such events. We suggest warming up the audience through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • When working with the target audience, combine expert information with the proper creatives. Images should reflect the excitement that cricket brings to the fans

The recipe for your success can be different. There are both proven classics like India + Affiliate Marketing; IPL + Event betting; 1win + Profit but also something unique that only you can implement. Our today’s article is a starting point for your success. 1win aff-managers will help with everything else. Feel free to text them, ask questions about India, and start figuring out all secrets of cricket.

Enjoy your IPL season 🤩
All the best from 1win Partners

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