India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners’ Geo Overview

14 July 2022

The most populous country in the world with lots of cheap traffic and an extremely high conversion rate for gambling offers. So, have you figured out which GEO we’re talking about? 

India is a goldmine for marketers. The stats for this country often surprise even us. The legislation in terms of gambling is quite tolerant, and the residents spend a lot of time on social media and happily follow referral links in hope of changing their lives. Well, we can only imagine what goes on in their lives, but yours will definitely change if you start driving traffic to India with us 😉

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

Possibilities are endless for this GEO: a massive number of gambling addicts who are waiting for their chance to hit a jackpot, an admiration for sports matches, especially cricket (!), poker, and slots that depict local deities. Big traffic volumes bring remarkable profit, but even if you have only a small traffic flow, India is a great option for launching a campaign for a multitude of reasons. The 1win Partners team has prepared a GEO review: how to make a profit, what approaches convert well, and why Indians like gambling so much 🔥

India’s population: numbers, religion, gambling

As you know, India’s population is already bigger than China’s. In 2022 the population reached over 1.4 billion people. The gender distribution is pretty much equal — about 51% male and 49% female.

Around 800 million Indians have stable Internet access. However, the quality of connection leaves much to be desired, but with the right approach this won’t affect the conversion rate.

Be sure to contact the 1win Partners affiliate manager if you want to receive light applications for driving traffic from the best GEO 🚀

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

Overall, it is a Tier-3 country, so mundane marketing triggers will work well. Go ahead with such creative approaches as news, bonuses, and chic lifestyle, but make sure that you follow the advertiser guidelines. When promoting offers in India, one cannot use religious motives (80% of the population are Hindu), images of Bollywood stars, cows, and other national symbols in a negative light.

Besides, you need to be careful with targeting, as India’s population is very diverse in economic terms. It is better to target more prosperous cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Surat 🌆

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

Indians online — things you should know

The most popular sites in India are Google, Instagram, Yahoo, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Reddit, and, of course, Telegram. In addition, India ranks first in the world in terms of the number of active users on Facebook. It is very handy for promoting via apps or redirecting traffic to sports capper channels on Telegram 💣

Usually Indians go online via their phones, this accounts for 80% of the active audience. Most devices are Android, so bear this in mind while launching your ad campaigns. Once again, don’t forget that India has unstable Internet connection.

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

Indians are very fond of spending time online. They spend an average of 7 hours per day watching videos, surfing social media, and listening to music. 

Regarding content, most users consistently enjoy video content. It’s 97% of the total number of users. Video content is followed by streaming TV, online games, and eSports. It follows that promoting campaigns via live streams is a great option for India 💸

Casino streams or sports match reviews will work well. By the way, the Indian audience mostly falls into the 18–24 age group, and men go online much more frequently than women. Statistically, most active users from this GEO are the perfect audience for gambling campaigns 🃏

Traffic from India with profit. Converting approaches for gambling campaigns

So, we have established that India is a perfect GEO for profitable gambling campaigns 🙂

Now that we have this sorted, let’s move on to the approaches that will bring you XXX ROI!

Cricket — India’s national heritage

Indians are obsessed with cricket. It is the country’s most popular sport, and locals like to bet on it.

During the legendary IPL matches, the conversion rate rises several-fold 🏏

In case of sports betting, a handicapper Telegram channel would be a great solution. Tell Indians how to get rich, share the 500% welcome bonus on top of their deposit and the bonus on express bets from 1win — they will love it. By the way, you can do it in English — people in India know it very well since it’s the second official language.

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

Another way to get a good conversion rate is to do themed live streams, for example on YouTube, and attach a link to the betting shop in the description. All in all, there’s plenty of room for imagination, so it’s all up to you and the quality of the product you’re promoting 😉

A popular alternative to cricket

Poker is the second most popular game after cricket. Of course, these are two very different things, but as practice shows, Indians who make bets on the 1win platform often switch to poker games 🃏

In 2017, the online poker providers in India were valued at $120 million, according to The Economic Times. Imagine just how that amount has increased over the past 5 years.

Use poker references in your creatives or casually mention it in your Telegram channel — the results will surprise you.

India’s favorite slots

Indians also don’t mind playing the classic slots with big jackpots. The most popular ones are 5x Magic, Monkey Madness, Mystery Joker, Mega Money Multiplier, and Hot 777 — which can be confirmed by the 1win Partners’ in-house research.

Games that depict local deities are also quite popular, for instance Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Ganesha Fortune. Although, Indians prefer retro-styled slots that have many wild cards.

Local billing and a call center with a personal approach

The availability of local payment systems and their performance with the product influence the conversion rate a lot. Mostly, users want to make a fast deposit using their usual payment methods and immediately get to spinning slots or making bets. Make it too difficult, and you can lose a lead 🏏

Pay attention to payment methods while launching a campaign. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) developed by the National Payments Corporation of India is one of the most popular Indian payment systems. PhonePe e-wallets used by a significant number of Indians are also based on UPI. Another sought-after financial tool in India is Paytm.

All of these deposit methods are available on 1win. The minimal deposit for India is 300 rupees, equivalent to $4. Funds are credited to the gaming account instantly, so the user can start gambling right away, and you’ll enjoy a high conversion rate 🔥

India. Amazing conversion rates for gambling offers — 1win Partners' Geo Overview

In addition, we have a local call center and individual approach to VIP customers. Retention is a crucial part of promoting such a product. We understand this and do our best to have a win-win relationship with our affiliates.

Want to promote in India?

Text 1win Partners Affiliate Manager if you want to drive traffic from India. We can offer individual terms and provide you with promos and light mobile apps, and we will be by your side at every step of the way.

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