iGB Live! 2022 🎰 Impressions from 1win Partners’ Representatives

21 July 2022

Just a week ago our team was in the amazing city of Amsterdam. The purpose of the trip was to attend iGB Live! 2022, a conference which was attended by iGaming professionals from all over the world. We had already announced our visit to the upcoming event and met everyone who has reached out to us. It was a pleasure to chat with you all, thank you 💙

All in all, the four days of the conference were very eventful. All the objectives were successfully achieved, useful contacts were made and inspiration will stay with our representatives for a long time.

iGB Live! 2022 🎰 Impressions from 1win Partners' Representatives

It’s worth noting that this is the biggest Affiliate Marketing event in the Gambling & Betting niche, so there’s plenty of insights to be had)) We will use all the information to further develop our product 🎰

Today, our representatives are already at home. They are analyzing their productivity, integrating product solutions, connecting new partners and are keen to share their experiences with their 1win Partners social media followers.

Ready? These comments are full to the brim with positive emotions 😉

Elya, Affiliate Manager

iGB Live! 2022 🎰 Impressions from 1win Partners' Representatives

I was lucky enough to attend one of Europe’s biggest iGaming conferences and it would be a challenge to describe my excitement in just a few words 🙂 

Four days at the iGB Live! 2022 in Amsterdam have flown incredibly fast! It was intense, the quality and the productivity of it all was just shocking! 

The organization of the conference was top-notch, every detail was taken care of, one booth was better than the other, it was great that they managed to gather all the iGaming-related people on one venue. Everything one could wish for was there, my eyes were darting in different directions!

I would like to point out the very precise arrangement of the stands, comfortable networking areas without noisy music, spacious aisles with plenty of space for everyone, friendly staff, and polite security with an excellent command of English. For me personally, these details are extremely important.

My colleagues and I were able to work well together during that time:

We’ve found new solutions for our product and met a lot of cool webmasters, and we’re ALREADY starting 🙂

We made new acquaintances and exchanged useful contacts;

Once again, we have strengthened our presence on the international market; 

Met up with our partners as well as fellow colleagues from our 1win offices;

We exchanged different experiences with foreign specialists.

I have learned a lot myself and will now be testing and applying this knowledge in my work. It’s an amazing opportunity to get better at my job and become more experienced!

In fact, that’s why I advise you to attend affiliate conferences 🙂

You fully immerse yourself in the niche, exchange valuable information, share your views, discuss the future of the field, and get the cool experience of traveling to another city/country on top of that.

I am thrilled that the iGB Live! conference went better than I expected. I was very impressed by what I saw there! I am inspired and powered up to do new things.

Katerina, Senior Affiliate Manager

iGB Live! 2022 🎰 Impressions from 1win Partners' Representatives

It was probably the best Affiliate Marketing conference I’ve attended over the past 3 years!

First of all, it was the most important conference of the gambling/betting vertical. Secondly, the scale was astonishing! Bringing the whole industry together in one location is certainly a massive undertaking.

I was very happy to see our current partners, to strengthen our friendship, to discuss the boost of our cooperation, and to receive positive feedback about our product. It was also a pleasure to meet new webmasters, introduce them to our project, plans and new perspectives for collaborating.

I believe that conferences like this are a great opportunity to understand what healthy competition in the market can be like, and an opportunity to make yourself known to international partners resulting in long-term relationships with them.

Daria, Marketing Manager

iGB Live! 2022 🎰 Impressions from 1win Partners' Representatives


A very large-scale event, with experts from all over the world. A huge number of stands with interesting solutions, be it roulette or a bar. At the same time, unlike CIS-style conferences, it is absolutely normal to walk up to a stand and use the merch or participate in an activity, all that without introducing yourself or explaining anything. Because of this, the atmosphere at the stands is more relaxed.


RAI Amsterdam is a huge exhibition complex, far from the center, but in a good location. Nearby is a scenic park and access to those famous Amsterdam canals. On the last day of the conference, it was from the RAI that we started our journey along the canals to the city center. It was great that iGB Live! organized such a trip and we were able to see the city from a different angle.


The conference was mainly attended by companies from European countries. The large number of UK representatives was striking; most of them were presenting payment solutions. All the participants spoke absolutely different English, both in terms of accent and level of proficiency. However, nonetheless people understand each other and are very friendly.

People from the CIS we have met mostly wanted to reach a decision here and now and move on. Apparently, they prefer CPAs =) Europeans, on the other hand, like to have a small-talk. We exchange business contacts and forget about work. I’ll write to you tomorrow, but for now I’ll tell you how I study foreign languages and how many children I have.

Brand awareness

We’ve talked about Brazil many times on social media, we’ve been to many conferences there, and were marveled at the differences between their market and ours. We’ve encouraged webmasters to work with this GEO and shared tips on how best to do it. We’ve already learned a lot about Brazil, found the best local payment solutions, and achieved a very good conversion rate for the product.  

So good, in fact, that at the beginning of the conversation with a webmaster from Portugal (which has the same language that is spoken in Brazil, but with slight differences), we heard that he has been meaning to work with us for some time now and was very happy to meet us. He said that his friend was working with us and was totally satisfied with everything.


There’s no shortage of things to say about this city in general. Endless tolerance, many different cultures. It’s very hard to meet locals in Amsterdam. But I was lucky enough to meet such a waitress on the last day of my stay =)

As I was told, the Dutch are not very fond of their capital. To them it’s too noisy and has crowds of tourists. More often than not, they choose quieter cities and occasionally come to Amsterdam for a walk if they get tired of the peace.

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to live their whole life in a city like this. But… I would definitely stay for six months if I had the chance.

So, did you finally get a feel of how productive the atmosphere was at iGB Live! 2022?

The conference takes place every year, and we would really like to see you in Amsterdam the next time. Write to our great Affiliate Managers to get started with 1win Partners if you haven’t already:

Be sure to follow our social media channels. A bit later, we will tell you about the next conference where we can meet with our team 💙

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