Alternative income sources in trading: Affiliate programs

29 March 2023
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There’s a variety of affiliate programs and affiliate niches out there. A lot of people seek to generate a stable income stream in affiliate marketing these days. But what’s the most profitable affiliate marketing niche? It’s the one that is rapidly expanding and developing as a business segment, both in terms of clients (users) and monetary terms.

Investing is attracting growing interest around the world. In 2022, Western markets saw a powerful correction. However, savvy investors used the drawdowns to buy quality assets at lower prices. Traders working on shorter time frames also took advantage of the bear market. In particular, the S&P 500 global broad market index was repeatedly in and out of the red zone over the past year, which made it possible for short-term traders to earn on those price fluctuations. In 2023, markets are expected to be much more volatile. And when there is volatility, there are always opportunities to turn a profit.

You can buy foreign stocks, indices, currency and other assets through a brokerage account with a global broker AMarkets. This online broker offers over 500 financial instruments, including cryptocurrency. It’s your one-stop shop when it comes to trading in the financial markets, and it’s super convenient.

The demand is not surprising.

Bank deposits are no longer an attractive option for a passive investor due to high inflation and low interest rates on savings accounts.

Also, the investments market is growing day by day. New investment options, products and inspiring success stories constantly appear – all of that can be effectively used in traffic promotion and lead generation.

How to choose a broker and the best affiliate program

You need to pick a reputable and trustworthy company that provides high-quality services and constantly delights its clients with new services and regular promotions, which will allow you to drive more sales.

Key criteria to consider:

  1. Years in business. Choose a company that has been providing brokerage services for about 10-15 years.
  2. Reputation. Check out Trustpilot stats. Trustpilot is the world’s most powerful and trusted review platform that you can rely on. AMarkets’ current rating on Trustpilot is 4.6 out of 5.
  3. Regulation. The broker’s activity must be regulated by an independent dispute resolution organization. The Financial Commission protects all AMarkets’ clients and their interests, providing compensation of up to €20,000 per claim in case of a dispute.
  4. Payment methods and commissions. A very important criterion is how often your brokerage pays affiliate rewards, what payment methods it offers, and especially, whether it compensates you for the withdrawal fees charged by payment service providers, which can eat up a significant part of your affiliate revenue.

Types of forex affiliate programs

Types of affiliate and payment models offered by brokers are more or less the same. Let’s take as an example and see how you can earn in the financial industry.

AMarkets has more than three thousand partners worldwide. The broker offers two types of partnership: “Agent” (Revenue Share) and “Webmaster” (CPA).

Since 2007, AMarkets’ partners have referred more than 500,000 clients, earning over $30 million in affiliate rewards. AMarkets has been repeatedly recognized as the Best Forex broker in the affiliate programs markets for its excellent service and user-friendly environment for partners/clients.

“Agent” affiliate program

“Agent” is a classic affiliate program based on the Revenue share payment model. Partners receive commissions based on the revenue generated by the company as a result of the referred client’s trading activity.

The “Agent” cooperation model is best suited for those who already have a large audience interested in the financial markets, investing and trading. It can be traders, companies servicing this niche market, and all those with interest in macroeconomic news and market trends.

How it works:

  1. The referred user registers on the broker’s website and becomes a client.
  2. The client makes a deposit and starts making trading transactions. An affiliate reward is paid to a partner for each closed trade (up to $15 per lot), regardless of the trading outcome (profit or loss). AMarkets offers some of the highest commission rates in the industry – its affiliates earn up to 60% of the company’s revenue.
  3. AMarkets has the most convenient and favorable withdrawal conditions. You can withdraw your affiliate reward every day, 24 hours after the referred client closes the transaction. Another great perk is that the company fully compensates its partners for the withdrawal fees charged by the payment processing services.

If the referred client makes a lot of transactions and trades actively, the partner’s income continuously grows. The more clients, the higher the total affiliate revenue. It’s also worth noting that affiliate income here is unlimited. It all depends on client activity and the size of your active client base.

Another advantage of the “Agent” partnership model is the ability to build your own affiliate network and establish a stream of passive income.

Multi-level affiliate structure:

You attract a client who starts trading, and receive 100% affiliate commission. If you decide to invite another partner in your mini-business, they become a sub-affiliate or level 2 partner. This partner will receive 100% commission, and you, in addition to your main affiliate reward, will receive 15% of the level 2 partner’s commission.

And it gets way more interesting.

Say, the 2nd level partner invites another partner, who becomes a 3rd level. This sub-partner will receive a 100% affiliate reward for his clients, and you will get 5% of the 3rd-level partner’s payouts.


Level 1: 100% affiliate reward from the referred clients’ trading volume + 15% of 2nd level partner’s remuneration + 5% of 3rd level partner’s affiliate reward

Level 2: 100% affiliate reward from referred clients’ trades + 15% of 3rd level partner’s remuneration

Level 3: 100% affiliate reward from the referred clients’ trading volume

It’s a great opportunity to generate passive income, don’t you think?

“Webmaster” affiliate program

With the Webmaster affiliate program, you can receive high one-time payments based on CPL+CPS payment models.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) – commission is paid for each new client account registered in the system ($5-$20).

CPS (Cost Per Sale) – affiliate reward is paid to a partner when the referred client deposits funds into their trading account and starts making trading transactions (up to $500 per lead).

Affiliates receive, on average, 1000 USD a month. In addition, AMarkets pays a motivational bonus for increased targeted traffic.

A significant benefit of this affiliate program is that the partner receives a commission not only for the initial deposit but all subsequent deposits, provided that the attracted client generates the required trading volume.

Webmaster is an ideal affiliate program that allows quick earnings. It’s not a passive model.

Partner success is a top priority

The main skill that helps a partner make a profit is the ability to create effective advertising campaigns. AMarkets provides a variety of marketing tools (banners, landing pages, etc.) and a convenient Partner Area where you can track your progress.

To get access to the Partner Area and receive promotional materials, you simply need to register as a partner on the AMarkets website.

Useful features of Partner Area include:

— traffic generation tools (links, banners, widgets, videos);

— metrics and analytics;

— useful tools to improve your affiliate performance.

On top of that, AMarkets offers:

— 24/7 technical support,

— full compensation of transaction fees,

— contents and promotions for partners and their clients.

Still not convinced? Check out the success stories of AMarkets’ partners and find out how they built their affiliate business:

Drive traffic and earn from your clients’ trades. Receive high one-time commissions for referrals and registrations.

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Just tell this promo code to the support specialist or affiliate manager, who will accompany you throughout the entire process of your cooperation with the company.

Generate income by driving traffic to AMarkets on the best terms!

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