1win Partners at the RichAds Round Table. iGaming: the Present and the Future (Part 2)

6 December 2022
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This article is the second and final part of our review of RichAds Round Table, in which we participated together with other iGaming experts. If you want to read about the latest trends in the gambling field at the end of 2022, learn about the right offers selection, or understand which gambling direction the participants of the Round Table consider the most promising — click the link 👈

We would like to remind you that 1win Partners was represented at the event by the CPA Team Lead Kirill, who is a specialist with great experience in Affiliate Marketing, especially in such GEOs as Brazil 🇧🇷

The second half of the Webinar was focused on recommendations for the year 2023. You’ll get answers to questions like how to create appropriate visual content, why working carefully with your landing will help you to make money, and what traffic sources will continue to bring you profit, as well as many others. We’ll also share the specifics of working with certain regions. You`ll get a few insights even about such GEOs like Africa and Bangladesh! 🔥

1win Partners at the RichAds Round Table. iGaming: the Present and the Future (Part 2)

Let us remind you that in the last article we highlighted the main rule of attracting users to gambling in 2023 — to maximize the profit you have to use mobile traffic to your own advantage!  


Visuals in 2023: Pre-landers, Trends, Tips

Visual content such as creos and landings is the most important part. 

For your images to get a higher conversion rate, you need not to only keep up with the latest trends but also to pay attention to your competitors. Do they have unique pre-landers that caught the viewers’ attention? You need to try to twist them in your own way. Do you assume that your players want to see more crash games? You can use Lucky Jet, RocketX, and Aviator in your creos to increase the conversion rate ✈️

Such pages work better when the user interacts with the landing page. So to encourage users to make bets, a separate pre-lander on a popular event would be an excellent option (e.g., the top matches of the World Cup that is currently taking place in Qatar). 

Your link should lead to a separate pre-lander. That page would attract the players attention with its bright picture, quick and easy ways to bet/deposit, and other popular features (for example, information about the welcome bonus). The more immersive the webpage is, the higher your chances of profiting.



The creation of specific pre-landers is directly related to the used traffic sources. For example, the PopUnder or push ads which are preferable in betting, mostly work well with a pre-lander. Speaking of gambling, such pre-landers as the wheels of fortune or scratch cards will be the best option. Betting is always linked to big sporting events. During big events, updated specific pages work better than the main page of a lander.

Use a picture of a famous person to turn your pre-lander into a big success. Not only the top players are suitable (to use photos of whom is not always possible), but also Influencers (bloggers or streamers). Influencer traffic is one of the trends of 2022. Especially in Brazil! Brazilian stars have a huge influence on their audience. As an example from another GEO, we can suggest famous cricket players from India 🏏

1win Partners at the RichAds Round Table. iGaming: the Present and the Future (Part 2)

There is also another uncommon way to increase user engagement.  You can add a game element to the registration. Such a solution will make it easier to enter personal information and definitely will help the user to get to the end. A popular solution: split one screen with lead forms  into several smaller screens.


Landing pages

One of the alternative trends is that brands work with their homepage as well: they don’t rely on pre-landers only, but rather emphasize the info value of the main landing page. They focus on in-demand life events, whether it’s a holiday such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve, or important tournaments, for example, UFC, Champions League, and World Championships.

For the home page to be successful among the players, it should be based on the interest of users in particular topics. Our colleagues presented an interesting case: there was a website with a minimal deposit of $1 (or 3 spins). It had a lot of traffic, but the brands did not manage to unlock the full potential of this traffic. The team decided to make a specific landing page with particular attention to the promotion. “Deposit just $1 and get 80 free spins with a chance to hit the jackpot”. This solution brought them a lot of money! 💸

The localization of landing pages is especially worth mentioning. It should be done by professionals (obviously, not in “Google Translate”). And, of course, every single element should be split-tested. For example, try a few variants of the same creos, do the A/B testing and only based on that you can make conclusions. Especially if you are trying a new GEO, firstly you should find out what works best for it ⚙️


A little bit about creatives

The experts didn’t forget to discuss trends for creos either. Alas, there were no unprecedented tips. In 2023, everything will work the same way: Tier 1 focuses on the unforgettable emotions that the product gives the player. Tier 3 is all about the stories about beautiful life and the chance to make a lot of money out of nothing and your dreams come true.

Focusing on understanding the needs of your audience, coupled with the ability to present the information correctly, will help you work properly on The Marketing Funnel model. You build your own strategy for traffic. Users go through this funnel and make target actions. So consider your traffic sources and focus on what you’re comfortable with 🥇

1win Partners at the RichAds Round Table. iGaming: the Present and the Future (Part 2)

2023 Predictions: How to attract users next year?

Keep in mind that new countries appear on the “affiliate marketing map” every year. A few years ago affiliates discovered India, and in 2022 there was Bangladesh. 2023 won`t be an exception. Next year there will definitely be something new.


Q&A with Viewers: Creos and GEOs

Online events help us to learn a lot of new information, but viewers rarely get the chance to ask experts specific questions. The creators of the Webinar have approached this issue with extraordinary attention. Therefore, the last part of our material is the answers to viewers’ questions. We’re sure that many of them concern you too 🤔


Should I use creatives that were not made for me (for example, those one gets from Affiliate managers)? How are they created?

You get such creos for free. At the same time, they are based on internal statistics and specifics of certain GEOs. Remember that such creos do not guarantee easy profit, but they are a decent option: you can compare them with your own by split-testing and see which creos are better to use 🔝

The main request to your creo is to get attention. Don’t be afraid to experiment, sometimes the craziest picture (of course, to the acceptable limits!) works best. That’s why it’s so important to understand what can attract users and maybe emphasize those features as much as possible. There’s no shame in looking at professional materials or even using them.


I`m attracting users from India to 1win, lots of people clicked my link, but very few made the first deposit (FTD). What should I change? Maybe it’s worth switching to another GEO?

India is one of our most profitable GEOs. Before leaving it, you need to understand what exactly displeases users and prevents them from “making the last step”. Maybe there’s something wrong with the info on the creos (it does not reflect the reality). It’s important to study the needs of your particular audience and give them what they want. In any case, feel free to write to your affiliate manager, he can assist you in reviewing all the details of your users’ attraction scheme and give advice on what needs to be changed.

And if India still doesn’t work for you, then Kirill gives the predictable recommendation — “Brazil. No alternatives 😁

1win Partners at the RichAds Round Table. iGaming: the Present and the Future (Part 2)


I`ve tested Bangladesh, which you have already mentioned. But the conversion rate was incredibly low, something around 0.04%, what should I do?

According to info from our media buying department, the average CR is 5-30%, but the difference mostly depends on the involved traffic sources. Google PPR should give a very high conversion rate. Maybe there is a problem with local payment systems? It is clear that if the product does not provide online wallets such as BigCash, then users simply won’t be able to deposit money. There’s no other way. Cards or crypto are not an option for this GEO.


What about Africa? Name the main 3 GEOs from there.

Like any unexplored market, Africa has potential, but it’s much harder to work with these GEOs. Literally, every African country requires a local gambling license. Obtaining documents for small countries takes a lot of time and does not bring the desired returns 🙈

Working with Africa, it’s worth considering larger and more developed countries. The best GEOs of the continent are South Africa, Nigeria, and Morocco.



Answering questions was the last part of this extensive Round Table. We have no second thoughts that the experts were able to unleash the betting field in 2023, specifically presenting their opinions on the best sources of traffic, relevant GEOs, and the right way to work with visual content. But since it’s affiliate marketing, new questions will come up very soon 🤓 

1win Partners Affiliate Managers will help you with any difficulties:



Remember, we’re just as interested in your profit as you are! 🤙🏻

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