🎾 Why you’re going to follow tennis in 2023? Guide from 1win Partners

2 February 2023
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There is no secret — major sporting events are a great opportunity to make money on event betting. 2022 ended with the FIFA World Cup, which has already gone down in history as one of the largest and most successful tournaments. Not only in terms of the quality of play, but also in terms of our joint earnings 🤑 

You’ll find more on how to earn on event betting using the example of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 👉🏻👉🏻 in our article 👈🏻👈🏻

Alas, the biggest football tournament takes place only once every four years. While we are waiting for the next FIFA World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada, let’s look at another highly requested source of event traffic: a more passionate, dynamic and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing sport. Today we’ll talk about tennis 🎾

🎾 Why you're going to follow tennis in 2023? Guide from 1win Partners

In 2023 there will definitely be more tennis in our lives. It all started in January! While representatives of other sports were just settling in, the best tennis players of the world gathered in Melbourne to compete at the first Grand Slam tournament of this season — Australian Open 2023 🔝

Shortly after the spectators had recovered from the New Year holidays, they got another gift — a competition of the highest level with unexpected results (what was the last time when Nadal dropped out of the tournament so early?) Is there something else to dream about? 😌

1win ✖️ Tennis — Sports Aesthetics

1win Partners is always looking to connect with our audience. 

We don’t just consistently tell you about profitable traffic sources and share our own secrets and tricks, but also try to introduce our subscribers to global concepts and a unique approach. We believe mutually beneficial cooperation is only possible when our common interests go beyond monetary earnings.

🎾 Why you're going to follow tennis in 2023? Guide from 1win Partners

Most sports are team-based. The most popular individual sport is chess, but chess is very far from betting and even farther from making money on it. Besides, solo athletes are always responsible for their own successes as well as for their own setbacks. Plus, the seasoned fans wouldn’t lie — it is much more exciting to keep track of a single athlete’s performance, rather than the results of the whole team 🏅 More personal too. 

No matter what people do, they always try to find something for themselves in this activity. Affiliate Marketing allows us to achieve goals, accomplish them in business and provide a decent quality of life. A passion for sports (even for a fan) adds excitement and desire, which we are sometimes deprived of in our daily routine. Primarily, if you fuel your interest with betting 😈

We at 1win Partners have always recognized tennis as something close to our hearts. Tennis is about hard work, aesthetic sporting subculture, and high status that allows you to stand out from the rest of the community. And the more success you achieve, the higher your aspirations grow. You have to agree, with such an approach to life issues, you’ll stay motivated as the most self-disciplined tennis players 💪🏻

How to start following tennis? 

Trust us, all it takes is to see one of the well-known masters (like Novak Djokovic) in action and everything becomes clear. Tennis is one of those games you can enjoy even without a high level of expertise. On the contrary, the less you know, the more exciting all those aces, tiebreaks, and match balls are. But you’ll learn the terms very quickly, once you give it a try. That’s why the easiest way to start is to watch some games 👀

Can’t call yourself a big sports fan, but you’re always open to learning new things for your work? You’ll enjoy following tennis just as much. Tennis is not only a grueling on-court experience or the Wimbledon all-white dress code, but it’s also a highly sought-after sport in the world of betting. Studying the specifics of the sport itself (especially from the betting side) will help you reach a new level of understanding of your audience’s interests. For example, when creating new converting tennis creatives. So go read, absorb and memorize 🙏🏻

Also, don’t worry, it’s not a Wikipedia article, we share with you only the important details in plain language. If you want to delve into the subject even deeper, we’ll be sure to cover further points in our next articles on the topic. Tennis season has just begun! 🔃

🎾 Why you're going to follow tennis in 2023? Guide from 1win Partners

You can easily determine the popularity of a particular sport by looking at broadcasting statistics. According to Sports Show, most people in the world watch Football (3.5 billion viewers a year) — the national sport of our beloved Brazil — and, you’d be surprised, Cricket (2.5 billion, most of whom are from India). Tennis ranks 5th on that list with a billion annual viewers scattered all over the world. That means true patriots of their countries will always be able to find favorites to support.

Tennis is known as a “private club” of large and small élites. The preparation and participation in tournaments, even at the lowest level, require a considerable investment from the athlete and their team. It’s not just about prize pools for tournaments and sponsorship contracts, you must calculate logistics costs, the price of branded and personal merchandise and even sports equipment! Have you heard the term “sport of the highest achievements”? In the case of tennis, you have to spend a lot of money for the sake of those achievements. Fortunately, it’s very simple and inexpensive to be a part of an exclusive game: all you have to do is find a sports channel that broadcasts matches 📺

Tournaments and Ratings

Before you watch the game, you need to pay attention to a few important points. 

👉🏻 There are three main federations in tennis. Two of them are responsible for tournaments for different genders: ATP is the men’s professional association and WTA is the same for women. ITF is an international federation that can be called more classical. Its main task is to organize worldwide tournaments (the most striking example is four “Grand Slam” tournaments).

👉🏻 The most popular competitions are men’s singles and women’s singles. Tennis is also played in pairs (sometimes mixed, i.e. man and woman against other man and woman).  

👉🏻 Athletes of the highest ranking participate in major tournaments. The better the player performs in different competitions (and the lower his/her opponents’ positions are), the higher they hope to climb in the ranking at the end of the tournament. In some countries, the highest-ranked player is referred to as “the first racket of the world”.

❗️ Not to bore you with unnecessary technicalities, there are only a few main things to remember:

ATP — men’s rating; WTA — one for women. 

ITF is the federation in charge of tournaments. The biggest of them (the highest score for the ratings + the largest prize money) are the Grand Slam tournaments: barely finished Australian Open in Melbourne; Roland Garros (May 28 — June 11 in Paris); Wimbledon (July 3 — 16 in London) and US Open (August 28 — September 10 in New York). These are the peak of spectator and betting 😉 activity. The latter is worth discussing separately ⬇️

🎾 Why you're going to follow tennis in 2023? Guide from 1win Partners

Active bettors can confirm that most bookmakers are always sure to cover tennis tournaments as brightly as possible: the Grand Slam does not fall behind such events as the UFC, the Champions League or the largest eSports competitions. But what makes tennis attractive for betting?

Most players are interested in fast results (there are a lot of games and the majority of them last less than 2-3 hours), a wide range of bets (you can either gamble on the outcome or make choices based on statistical data: from sets and games to aces and double faults) and live with odds constantly growing (we talked about the dynamics of the sport in the beginning of the text for a reason). Tennis offers all kinds of bets — all you have to do is to bring them to the public

For bookmakers, the later stages of tournaments (starting with the quarterfinals) are a precious time. This is the stage where we can see either the strongest players (from the top of the rankings) or the “dark horses” who performed above all expectations (for example, semi-finalist of AO 2023 — 🇺🇸 Tommy Paul). Frequent victories of underdogs (with odds of 4.00+) is another trademark of tennis. However, it also has a flipside: most players like to bet on the favorites only 💯 

The final is the main game of any tournament. And sometimes women’s competitions receive even more attention than men’s. The famous 2018 US Open Final game between Osaka and Serena Williams gathered more than 3.1 million people in front of the screens. The men’s (Djokovic — Del Potro) received just over 2 million viewers. Given the extraordinary focus on personality in tennis, any particular game can be turned into a “battle” between two identities. You’ll need to elevate the history of their meetings, indicate the importance of victory for each one and “serve” the info to potential leads with the emphasis on high (or, vice versa, small but extremely passable) odds 📈 

Unpredictable outcomes of meetings, dynamics in everything (from the games themselves to ratings and tournaments) and aesthetics reflected in every detail. Tennis, just like the cooperation with 1win Partners, has many advantages, but there is no ceiling. That’s why tennis is played outdoors, right? 🌌😏


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