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Best places to live for affiliates. Part II

We continue talking about countries that affiliates from all over the world tend to choose as their place of residence most often. Now, pack your suitcases and apply for a visa, as we are going to warm and not so warm countries.

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea where you will find a multitude of IT companies drawn to this country by good climate conditions and a favorable tax system. Expats can also enjoy relatively low consumer prices and the island’s convenient location. People who work remotely tend to move to Cyprus quite often.

Limassol, an urban area on the southern coast of the island, is home to lots of IT and marketing companies and therefore to a large affiliate community.

Pros: a warm and semi-arid climate, a multilanguage community, affordable real estate prices, a low crime rate, favorable taxation.

Cons: poor infrastructure, high import prices, expensive medical services.

Many affiliates base their choice not on favorable climate conditions but rather on the presence of large international companies in a city where they reside. That’s why they tend to choose Canada.

Lots of companies have their offices in Montreal, and MindGeek is only one example. If you have never heard of this company, then we will put it this way: Montreal is home to Brazzers headquarters. MundoMedia used to be registered in Toronto. And these are only some examples of companies located in Canada.

Pros: a high standard of living, large affiliate communities in Montreal and Toronto, and plus, if you would like to attend conferences, then you can always visit the country’s southern neighbor. Taxes in Canada are lower than in the US or EU.

Cons: high carrier prices, expensive healthcare, especially if you don’t have an insurance policy, the weather is not that nice as in Cyprus or Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is an island nation located in the Carribean Basin. The country is an attractive place of residence for affiliates and not only for them due to its convenient location, good climate conditions, and favorable taxation. The low taxation rate is the reason why there are so many entrepreneurs and companies in this relatively small island. However, prices for most goods and services in Puerto Rico do not differ much from that in the US. As regards the affiliate community, it resides primarily in San Juan, the country’s capital.

Pros: a low tax rate, geographical proximity to the US, low prices for local goods, the majority of the population speaks English.

Cons: poor infrastructure, water and light shortages, expensive and insecure mobile communications, high import prices.

Affiliate communities reside throughout the globe, and it’s impossible to enumerate all cities and countries where affiliates live. Choose any region to your liking and you will definitely find like-minded people there.

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