AWSUMMIT Bucharest

28 March 2023
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We have great news for you! Are you ready to boost your income, expand your network and your visibility?

We are beyond thrilled to invite you to AWSUMMIT, taking place in Bucharest from May 7th to 9th, featuring a star-studded line-up of pioneer leader who will cover topics ranging from affiliate marketing, e-commerce, entertainment, content creation, and so much more.

For the 11th edition of AWSummit, the speakers are ready to reveal to you the most important aspects you need to take your game to the next level. The world is changing quickly, so you need the newest and most effective ways to succeed.

AWSUMMIT Bucharest

Seats are limited, so act fast and secure your spot now!

A sneak peek at some of speakers

  • 👉 Tim Burd, the mastermind behind Facebook Ad Buyers Group and AdLeaks
  • 👉 Matas Kemzura, a digital marketing strategist and founder of Sugatan
  • 👉 Zach Benson, an Instagram influencer and founder of Assistagram
  • 👉 Brendan Kane, a business and digital strategist who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment
  • 👉 Anna Gita, an affiliate marketing expert and founder of Maxweb
  • 👉 Stefan Muehlbauer, seasoned expert in affiliate marketing and Head of Business Development at Master in Cash 
  • 👉 Julian Goldie, a YouTube growth expert and founder of Goldie Agency
  • 👉 Alex Huditan, is the founder of Amazonienii, entrepreneur and marketer
  • 👉 Chris Kubbernus, a social media expert and the founder of Kubbco
  • 👉 Mike Vineyard, a technology focused digital marketer

Check out the full list of speakers.

Use ZORBAS promo code to claim a Regular Ticket with a 50% discount. Check out the purchase form on the official website of the conference.

Are you an Affiliate? To get your Free Ticket contact the AWSummit Team.

Are you a Content Creator or an Affiliate? Check out the steps to get your free ticket today and start building strong connections that will help you kickstart successful collaborations!

See the steps here

Check the floor map here:

AWSUMMIT Bucharest

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