Sasha Zuev

Online Ad Fraud in 2020

Fraudulent traffic is something a lot of affiliates have come across at some point in their marketing career. Ad fraud is impossible to weed out completely, and it can account for a smaller or larger percentage of the overall traffic volumes. We decided to find out how ad fraud has changed in the last six months and reached out to FraudScore for that purpose. 06 may 2020 0

How to run ads on Reddit: Beginner’s Guide

One of the most popular Q&A websites, Reddit attracts an estimated 1.4 billion visitors a month. Reddit is often called the front page of the Internet. In this article we figure out how and why should ou launch ads there. 17 february 2020 0

Launching ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest business-focused social networks. In this article we figure out how to launch ad campaigns on this social network. 13 february 2020 0

The best articles of 2019 on ZorbasMedia

Hello there! As we are embarking on 2020, let us wrap 2019 up with the selection of our best articles. Spend the remaining holidays productively and check them out if you haven’t done it already. 09 january 2020 0

VR offers: affiliate programs, traffic sources, and the most profitable GEOs

There is the so-called real world where we drive traffic to nutra, gambling, and crypto. Apart from that, another dimension exists, namely VR, or virtual reality. The VR niche is a trending topic today and for the years to come. Although it cannot boast huge traffic volumes, the payouts in this niche are very decent. 24 december 2019 0
reading time: 6 minutes

Facebook suits Hong Kong affiliates for ad fraud

On December 5, Facebook filed suit against a Hongkonese digital marketing agency for using cloaking and brute force accounts to drive traffic to nutra offers. 17 december 2019 0
reading time: 2 минуты