Alexis Zorba

One link to rule them all, or how does Smartlink work?

Smartlink is basically a set of offers wrapped in one link. This tool enables you to run targeted campaigns, as the algorithms embedded in it constantly analyze your traffic and redirect it to the best performing offers. In this article, we explain how Smartlink works from the inside out. 26 march 2019 0
reading time: 8 minutes

Three programs for a beginner affiliate

In this article, we’ve gathered some programs to make things easier for every beginner affiliate. 13 february 2019 0
reading time: 4 minutes

A list of blogs dedicated to affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you have to always be in the loop if you want to succeed. 12 february 2019 1
reading time: 7 minutes

I’ve been accused of fraud! What do I do?

Today we’ve prepared a small article that could actually prove to be very useful. 04 february 2019 0
reading time: 5 minutes

How to get a sponsored affiliate pass for TES conference in Lisbon

Not a lot of people know that there is an entirely free way to get to one of the biggest affiliate conferences. 01 february 2019 0
reading time: 4 minutes