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You’ve been redirected to this page because you are interested in the opportunity to become our author! Good news for you: we do need new authors!

If you want to write about affiliate marketing, SEO and mobile app monetization, then ZorbasMedia is a perfect platform to spread your message. Our articles are read across the globe. And more importantly, our audience is 100% the industry representatives ranging from beginner affiliates to the CEOs of major companies. ZorbasMedia is a reliable source of information.

Who we are:

ZorbasMedia is an international information resource that comprehensively covers traffic monetization. We explore affiliate marketing from the inside out so that everyone can discover new ideas and opportunities for growth. 

Our goal:

Provide our readers with as much information that will help them multiply their income as possible.

Who can become our author:

The key thing is having experience in working with traffic, understanding the industry and the specifics of affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be well-versed in writing articles, but it is important that you understand your subject matter. For everything else, there are our editors.

What topics you can cover:

You can write about your successful or unsuccessful experience in working with traffic, we’re interested in all traffic sources and verticals. You can discuss various services, approaches, methods and principles behind your work. Tools for driving traffic, life hacks, financial matters, interviews with the industry representatives.

The editorial team has a wide range of subjects that you can cover. If you don’t know how to start, our attentive editor will help you choose the right topic and develop it. The most important thing is that you understand what you’re writing about and know your subject matter. We are open to all ideas.


We’re paying quite well for articles, the amount of payment for each article depends on its length, quality and originality and is agreed upon individually with each author. There’s no limitation on the amount of payment, as we are ready and able to pay well for quality articles.

What if you don’t need money?

It does happen. Even in this case, we are sure that we still be able to help each other. Our reputation in the market enables us to be truly multifaceted in our work. Just send us a message and we will discuss everything.

If you don’t need anything in return at all, then sharing your experience and knowledge is a valuable thing in itself. The Internet won’t forget your name.

For company representatives

If you are a company employee or a company owner and wish to share what you deem important with the community, we can do it together. The key thing to pay attention to is that we either publish open ads or no ads at all, and so no one can just praise their product in their article.

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