AI tools for content creation

10 February 2023
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The Salesforce platform has been conducting research in the business and marketing world for several years. According to that study, since 2018, there has been a more than 180% increase in the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace. This proves the effectiveness of using modern technology in business and marketing. As for future projections, International Data Corporation has conducted its own research and found that investment in neural networks and AI will reach $110 billion by 2024.

Have you also been hearing about the introduction of artificial intelligence from every direction lately? Experts predict an imminent wave of unemployment due to the replacement of human labour with software and code. Today, most creative professionals and production workers are already nervously looking for a new specialization. We propose to combine our efforts with modern technologies to create quality content. Read our selection of modern tools based on artificial intelligence that will help you in the affiliate sphere for making creatives or articles. Most of them are free, but for a limited time. So, for the best working experience, we advise you to buy a subscription.

AI tools for content creation

What is AI and how to use it?

Neural networks are a collection of intelligent algorithms programmed to perform certain functions and run independently. Such technologies have long been used in many industries, such as medicine, military development, or machine production. And recently there has been increasing mention of using neural networks in the digital sphere: marketing, design, and even affiliate segment. Microsoft and Google are already busy announcing the release of custom neural networks to keep the market competitive in innovation. 

The good thing about neural networks is that they are constantly learning, improving, and correcting the mistakes of their past actions, making performance better and better. Also, the most obvious benefit of using AI is that it saves resources that you can dedicate to more complex and important tasks. They really can save you time, effort, or money. However, it’s still not entirely clear how true the pretty advertisements and loud headlines about how AI replaces people are. 

AI tools for content creation

BTW, this meme is made by one of the neural networks from our article!

Selection of AI tools for content creation

While this field is developing, it’s time to check whether AI algorithms really that perfect and rosy in practice. We have so far avoided delegating to neural networks’ algorithms important processes like analytics, campaign launch automation, lead generation, etc. Still, it’s a great idea to use technologies in fields you can check and control from start to finish: creatives and copywriting. Of course, many neural network-generated texts sound like incoherent baby talk, and neural images are often ugly, with extra fingers or a frightening look. That’s why we’ve tested some AI services to come up with a list of ones that can really help you and us in our work.

Visual tools

The easiest way to integrate neural networks into an affiliate’s work would be to entrust algorithms to create visual creatives. This can be a fully drawn illustration for advertising or a supporting tool for a designer at some stages of the work.


Free generated pictures for your creatives. It is a neural network that creates unique images, based on text written by the user. The service is considered one of the best on the market and has a fairly simple, straightforward interface. Midjourney is suitable for solo affiliate writers or affiliate teams who want to make unique creatives to promote an online advertising campaign.

AI tools for content creation

Dall-E 2

It’s also great at drawing. This service is considered one of the most successful OpenAI-based neural networks, capable of drawing a masterpiece on a simple voice or text request. The service works on a paid basis, but new users are given some free credits (images).

AI tools for content creation

Playground AI

A website that makes it easy and convenient to generate images using the popular Stable Diffusion and DALLE-2 neural networks. You can select parameters such as image size, quality, and the number of images to generate. You can generate up to 1000 images per day for free and the commercial license is also free.

AI tools for content creation


The free text-to-image generator allows you to remove backgrounds, and add text or filters for free. You can choose a logo template, poster, Instagram stories, etc. Created by the authors of Freepic.

AI tools for content creation


A service for creating icons. Here, the process of creating design elements becomes a fun and entertaining game. The service allows you to sketch the icon you want, and artificial intelligence will suggest several similar ready-made icons. It is also possible to simply draw your own custom icons.

AI tools for content creation


A text-based meme generator. You can outsource your sense of humour to AI — all you have to do is describe a funny situation, and the generator will come up with a visual representation. The first 20 generations are free, and you get not just one meme, but a whole collection.

AI tools for content creation

This Person Doesn’t Exist

A neural network generates a portrait of a person who doesn’t exist. Great for creating pre-landing and landing pages where you need portraits/faces of people. Can also be used as avatars for the testimonial section of your website.

AI tools for content creation

Generated Photos

A more advanced neural network for generating portraits, where you can select emotion, head angle, and other parameters. It’s also great for creating creatives and weblogs. You can select already created photos, and to generate your own, you’ll have to buy a subscription. But the service is free for 3 days.

AI tools for content creation


A neural network allows you to stylistically “glue” two photos together. With its help, you can pass moderation with the most aggressive creatives, hiding them behind different styles. There’s a free trial period, but you’ll have to subscribe afterward.

AI tools for content creation

Cleanup Pictures 

It allows you to quickly remove any object in a photo for efficient ad campaign creation. This cute website works much faster than photoshop (we checked). There’s a lifetime free version with unlimited attempts, but the resolution is limited to 720p.

AI tools for content creation

Copywriting tools

It’s probably no secret that textual content is needed in any type of advertising: articles, display ads, social media posts, etc. Artificial intelligence has not yet learned how to fully mimic human written language, and it is likely that AI-generated texts will need editing. Nevertheless, their help will greatly reduce your time working on content.

It is a great AI tool for affiliate marketing. Powered by state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique, original content for almost any vertical. You get high-quality content, in just a few seconds. The free plan offers quite a lot of features, but severely limits the number of characters (10k per month).

AI tools for content creation

Jasper AI

Content creation for SEO. Jasper marketing tool helps you automate your content creation and save time writing blog articles. It has templates for content for your website, YouTube channel script, email subject lines, blog, social media content, and many other things that require copywriting. It’s a paid service, but with a 5-day free trial.

AI tools for content creation


A neural network based on the acclaimed GPT3, OpenAI’s natural language processing algorithm. It generates text, scripts, and writes stories, coursework, interviews, etc. Comes in handy for creating promotional texts. Subscription is paid, but you get $18 in free credit, which can be used during your first 3 months. There’s one nuance — the network is now overloaded with requests, and you’ll have to be on a waiting list to use it. 

AI tools for content creation

Final thoughts

Optimizing tasks competently is the goal of every affiliate. We are still wary of asking AI to do the work completely, but it is possible to delegate some time-consuming things. There are only a few totally free services, but the rest of them offer a free trial period. Try and find the right combination of AI services along with your creativity and make your content as converting as possible!

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