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Affiliate Marketing on Amazon: Advantages and Best Practices

Affiliates are some of the world’s most skilled and creative sellers, but barely any have actually tested Amazon out. Those that have are absolutely crushing it, and many have made the full switch to Amazon.

We have asked our partners at Affiliate World to share with us a summary of the presentation delivered by Zack Franklin, an 8-figure Amazon seller, at Affiliate World Europe 2019.

During his presentation, Zack convinced affiliates why they need to be running on Amazon. Curious to know why? Check out the summary below.

Why Affiliates are Built for Amazon: A Presentation Summary

China has created a huge E-commerce industry funded by its government. With over 300 Amazon businesses and thousands of employees in Shenzhen alone, China is the main hub for Amazon businesses. But there’s even more opportunity for affiliates.

Traffic and сonversions. That’s what affiliates want. Amazon has more than enough traffic and crazy conversions. We’re talking 197 million hits a month and AVG 20-30% CVR.

The opportunity on Amazon gets bigger and bigger. The competition on Amazon doesn’t have the same skill sets that affiliates have. Here are a number of reasons why affiliates need to jump on the Amazon train.

Reasons Why Affiliates Need to Run Amazon

1. Affiliates know how to drive traffic on Facebook, Google, Native, Push, and more. The competition coming from China has no idea how to drive traffic on these popular platforms giving affiliates an upper hand. If you can drive external traffic onto Amazon, you’ll have your listings race to the top in no time.

2. Affiliates are masters at monetizing traffic to squeeze as much out of customers as possible. The competition on Amazon doesn’t monetize their traffic or know how to. Their main focus is on customer acquisition leaving a ton of opportunity on the table.

3. Many Amazon businesses are located in China where only a fraction of the companies speak English. It’s likely that 50% of your competition doesn’t even speak English. This means that affiliates can create a more effective ad copy, communicate with customers easier, and provide an overall better user experience.

4. Affiliates built Amazon into the giant it is today through the Affiliate Program. Amazon was one of the first platforms to set up an Affiliate Program. So, if affiliates built Amazon, they should be the ones running it.

5. Amazon is a search engine where people want to buy products. As a search engine, there comes SEO. And affiliates know a thing or two about SEO. Product listings need to be ranked on Amazon in the top spots (just like Google or Bing) because the top-ranked products are the ones to get customers. Examples of SEO for Amazon: listing optimization, ranking campaigns and giveaways, optimize for ‘Shelf Space’ with FBT, Alexa, etc.

6. Amazon SEM has 5 different ways to buy ads, but most affiliates only need to learn Sellers Central Ads (SC). SC is super intuitive compared to other PPC platforms. It has consistent traffic and no incentive for Publishers (Amazon) to do click fraud. The traffic is very clean, high intent, cheap, and it actually works.

Most companies on Amazon don’t use external traffic, don’t understand SEO/SEM and have a barely functioning website, and they are still making $150 million a year. Now, just think about what a skilled affiliate who has experience in driving traffic and conversions could do.

If you are ready to make your move into Amazon, then be sure to attend Sellers World Conference, an event organized by the Affiliate World team to help affiliates transition to selling on Amazon. It’s a full-day immersive training session that has a morning of beginners’ workshops, then accelerates into intermediate level training, finishing with a discussion on exits and how you can prepare to sell your stores to re-invest into your next venture. The recordings will be available for attendees, so if anything is over your head you can refer back.

This conference is your opportunity to jump on the Amazon train and learn Amazon hacks from the best in the biz.

Here’s the lineup of speakers and topics that will be covered at the conference:

The tickets are still on sale, but not for long! Follow the link to get your ticket.

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