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Addressing your target audience’s pain points

You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.
Chinese proverb

Hi there! Today, we are going to address the topic of “fish and fishing rod”.

By “fish” I mean a ready-to-go campaign that you find and launch. It will burn out eventually, and so you will have to look for another “fish”. Whereas a “fishing rod” is a more long-term solution that will enable you to catch the “fish” consistently.

Now, let’s try to pick up a good “fishing rod” on the example of a nutra offer.

Every aspiring marketer comes across the notion of target audience. You have to find the right approach to it and warm it up thoroughly if you want to actually sell the product you are promoting. You should take into account lots of factors and literally put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer.

When analyzing your target audience, you can use the following services:

  1. Google Trends (search queries analysis);
  2. Similar Web (partial analysis of websites);
  3. Hotjar (behavioral data analysis and visualization).

However, all this data is no substitute for the notion of your customers’ “pain points”. No matter what they say, it is pain points that create demand. This very thought has encouraged me to analyze my ad campaigns through the prism of human needs.

I have come up with a simple principle “sell your product to yourself”. My idea is that rather than relying on marketing tricks, you should place the emphasis on how many pain points your product can alleviate.

By way of illustration, let’s consider selling weight loss pills. We won’t focus on a particular brand. So, imagine a plastic light pink or white bottle filled with weight loss pills or capsules. This already offers any marketer a lot of options to work with.


White (or any light shade) is an ideal backdrop for any marketing campaign, as it is associated with purity, cleanliness, and lightness, which is especially important when you’re promoting weight loss pills.

Form of medication

Pills or capsules are the easiest way to consume medication or vitamins. No needles or time wasted on making drug solutions. Besides, your clients don’t have to follow drug regimens (injections can be administered only in healthcare facilities or at home, while a bottle of pills is something that you can take with you if you need it).

Woman with glass of water and a pill

You can use similar images when making your creatives, just add a call-to-action and make the image more related to the weight loss subject.

So, we have describes the exterior of the product. Now, let’s move on to consumer psychology.

Understanding consumer pain points

Let’s start with a very simple question. Why would I (a consumer) need this product?

To answer this question, we must analyze the main pain points and needs of our target audience (females).

So, here’s a preliminary list of consumer needs:

  1. The need to prove to yourself and to others that you can achieve the goal you have set yourself. If I am able to lose weight, I will be able to achieve my other goals as well.
  2. The need to feel worthy. When I finally have a nicely shaped body, everyone will see the real me. I will improve my self-esteem.
  3. The need to protect your personal boundaries and assert your independence to your spouse/parents.
  4. The need to earn the respect of your children.
  5. The need to have more options in terms of clothes.
  6. The wish to expand your sexual repertoire (I am ashamed of my body when having sex in this position).
  7. The wish to do dance or sports.
  8. The need to avoid physical discomfort (panting, rash, excessive sweating, increased blood pressure and so on).

This list will enable us to define the portrait of our potential customer and work out a promotional strategy.

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