A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

22 August 2019
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A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

A selection of resources exploring all about electronic commerce

After publishing an article about Amazon FBA, our editorial team decided to dig a little deeper and find more information about E-commerce, and so we asked our correspondent to carry out a research to gather more information about E-commerce.

First things first. What is E-commerce? E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products and services online, as simple as that. However, you can also explain affiliate marketing as buying and selling traffic and profiting from differences in prices, but it’s not that simple, right? It’s way more complicated, and so you need more background information to make profit in E-commerce, that’s why this collection of articles, podcasts and YouTube channels will come in handy.

If you have just started exploring E-commerce, read this article on First 5 Steps to Launching a Successful E-commerce Business. You’ll find out where to look for information if you’re up to starting your business.

But you can’t learn everything you need to know from a single article, so let’s dig deeper.

A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

JungleScout blog. Most of the articles are dedicated to Amazon FBA. However, the blog still covers a variety of topics such as optimizing your logistics and intricacies of setting up a keyword search for your goods and services.

Shopify Blog. As you may know, Shopify specializes in E-commerce, and so there are quite a few useful articles and guides there. For example: How to setup and launch your E-commerce business, How to take pictures of your goods (which you are going to sell for profits) and many more, and it’s really easy to navigate.

Practical Ecommerce. Well, it’s in the name. Very down-to-earth advice on running your E-commerce business. They also cover such topics as analytics and finances. A large section of this blog is about Amazon and other retail platforms.

You can also find relevant information on the E-commerce subreddit and on various forums such as the eBay community and AffiliateFix.

A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

eCommerceFuel. A podcast on all things E-commerce. From building your ecom business single-handedly to working with a team from all around the globe.

Practical E-commerce. As we’ve mentioned before, practical advice from people involved in E-commerce in the form of podcast.

Shopify podcast. One of the most well-known E-commerce platforms has its own podcast, there are quite a lot of them, feel free to browse. From customer onboarding tips to advice on drawing attention of male audience to grooming products.

A selection of resources exploring E-commerce

Jungle Scout. As mentioned before, a platform that mainly focuses on Amazon FBA. They have a step by step guide to selling your products on Amazon. They are quite thorough, and so you can find not only the information on selling your goods on Amazon but even articles on PPC optimization on this platform.

Gabriel St.Germain blog. Gabriel speaks about successful cases, gives his advice on AliExpress alternatives and discusses dropshipping on Shopify.

We hope that this selection of articles will come in handy for those willing to start their E-commerce business and help those already running it avoid making mistakes and stay on top of the game.

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