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A good affiliate pre-land. What is it made of?

Everyone knows what pre-landing is, right? Seems simple. It’s an interim step, meant to prepare the user for doing what you need them to do. The user clicks on your creative, switches to pre-land, gets more impressed, goes to the landing, and here it is — profit. That’s the ideal scenario. In practice, it often happens that the poor user doesn’t understand what’s going on, and is in the best case just amused. We’re publishing our author’s thoughts on how to create a good pre-land, and what’s worth paying attention to.

What should be present in good pre-land

  1. Information. Imagine — you are a very charming professional vendor, and a client approaches you, asking you to walk him to the product. You take his arm and lead him to the display, telling him anecdotes, singing praises to the product, and sharing a funny story about your brother Vasya, whose life changed after this purchase. That walk  — that’s the pre-land. It’s not always easy or fitting to place a maximum amount of information about your offer and its profits on the pre-land, but it’s necessary! The type of your pre-land site doesn’t matter, there’s only one goal — present the information and lead up to the purchase;
  2. Screening unwanted users.Along with leading the target audience up to the purchase, the pre-land should be able to get rid of everyone else. People who only clicked on the link out of boredom, for example. That’ll help increase the conversion coefficient up to by two times;
  3. Segmenting the target audience. One of the pre-land’s most important functions. Let’s say, you have a landing for desktop and mobile. That’s it. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your offer, you segment the target audience accordingly. Which means for each important segment, you make an appropriate pre-land.

The technical part of creating a pre-land

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to use a ready pre-land from an affiliate program or if you’re going to make your own. In either case, you’ll need:

  1. domain;
  2. hosting;
  3. CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Choose based on your taste and what you can afford. You can buy these, but if the budget doesn’t allow, just use free ones (but don’t forget about the bandwidth of free hostings, it’s very low)

Hit it right on the nose. Increasing the pre-landing bandwidth

You’ve created the pre-land. Or just stole a standard one from an affiliate program. But the traffic, if not still in the negatives, then at least brings little profit. It’s a common situation. You can use several methods of increasing the bandwidth, and it’s good to use them together.

  1. Load the pre-land to your hosting. Copy paste and upload the ready affiliate program pre-land, making all the necessary edits and adding the analytics (Metrics, Webvisor, Google Analytics etc);
  2. Pay attention to details. Relevant geolocations, dates, currency, slang, etc. Be attentive to the little things and it will help increase the level of investment, by far;
  3. Holywar. Comments on your pre-land are for dealing with objections and replying to users’ questions that might arise after reading the main information. Start a bit of a fight in the comments, it will further interest users in the topic of the argument;
  4. Don’t overdo it with the landing links. It’s irritating;
  5. Use retargeting. Installing a retargeting code to your page will allow you to independently gather user bases and form various target audiences. Even if the user that was interested in spinnings doesn’t make the purchase right now, nothing will stop you from trying to sell him hooks and baubles a bit later;
  6. Nothing will help if the pre-land content is disgusting. Work with it constantly. Change schemes. Find unique pictures. Work with a design. Try to make the prelanding as targeted as possible.

Let’s analyze a good landing page:

What do we see?

1. A relevant and accessible presentation of the offer:

2. The attention to detail that enhances the conversion. Timer:

3. Poll shape enhances user trust, the prize goes to him for his work, but not for free:

4. Realistic comments on the landing page further increase user confidence:

Advice: before preparing the pre-landing, it’s very useful to compose a “My Perfect Pre-land” checklist. Write out bullet points of everything you want to see on your pre-landing website. Start working, confirm with the list, be attentive when selecting the information — profit!

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